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Nature Education Camp at Sakkarbaug Zoological Park Junagadh

Saraswati School,rn Junagadh students took part and gained knowledge about wildlife animalsrn and birds.. Thanks a lot to Sakkarbaug Zoo Director, Team specially Zoorn Education Officer Buch Jyotirmay for giving our school such chance and rnproviding information about Zoo Activities and Animal Protection.. rnReally it was an informative and valuable NATURE EDUCATION CAMP at Sakkarbaug Zoological Park..

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Independence Day celebration by Fancy Dress Wearing of Great National Leaders of India

જૂનાગઢના માંગનાથ રોડ પર ચાલતી સરસ્વતી સ્કૂલ દ્વારા ૬૯મા સ્વાતંત્ર્ય દિવસની ઉજવણીના ભાગરૂપે મહાન પુરુષોની વેશભૂષા સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું તે પ્રસંગની તસ્વીર...

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