High Standards for Teaching:

We have set high standards for ourselves and our staff to follow and they are:

  • To teach my students is my hobby.
  • I always prepare well before teaching my students.
  • I am always friendly with my students.
  • I want them to do regular follow up work.
  • I want them to very attentive while I am teaching.
  • I always co-relate an interesting situation while I teach my unit.
  • I want my students to use library, laboratory, atlas, dictionary, other teaching/learning aids.
  • I wish that they keep aware of day to day developments of India and the world.

We feel, that there are seven things what parents need to abide by :

  • Not to be an improver, not to mix praise and criticism and avoid immediate feedback.
  • Never tease your child.
  • Don't continually deny their feelings, acknowledge disappointment of your child with respect.
  • Not to praise your child so much that he / she stops believing in you, praise with honesty.
  • Don't give false threats, try replacing threat with a promise.
  • Show love in action, don't hide.
  • Give a pat, a gift, an outing or a note of praise, give an account - take notice.
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