Smile is the electricity and

Life is a battery,
Whenever you SMILE the battery gets CHARGED
a BEAUTIFUL DAY is activated. . . . 
So, Keep Smiling.
Dhruv Dhinoja 7th C

Individually, and as a whole, I saw first-hand how supported, safe and comfortable your students feel. I saw Saraswati School's core values in action as kids persevered, used their resources, showed compassion and asked their teachers for help. I saw mutual respect and the relationship driven education. To witness these relationships in action was heartwarming...
Pratik Nanavaty, Mechanical Engineer, Germany (Alumni)

  • The first thing we loved about Saraswati School was the positive, encouraging atmosphere. Immediately upon arrival, our children were welcomed warmly by other students and included in activities already in progress.
  • Over the years, we have been so thankful for the dedicated staff and the individual attention they give to their students.We are seeing our children grow not only in their abilities, but in their character, as well.
  • Saraswati School provides a strong, nurturing educational environment for our children. It has been more than just a school for them - it is a place of community. Our children have built strong relationships with their teachers and peers and they have enjoyed rich experiences both within and beyond the traditional classroom. Our whole family has been blessed by this school!

Darshanbhai Bhesaniya

All Teachers are very nice!! they make the school.

Mukesh Meghani

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