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Rakshabandhan Celebration in Saraswati School

The festival "RAKSHABANDHAN" was traditionally celebrated in Saraswati School, Junagadh where Students of Standard LKG to 3 tied Rakhi and exchanged gifts and Students of Standard 4 to 7 celebrated the same by making Rakhis in a creative way (BEST from WASTE) and competed to other students of the same standard.

Students really have a CREATIVE MIND. You just need to give them a CHANCE, they will better EXPOSE their CREATIVITY.

Independence Day celebration by Fancy Dress Wearing of Great National Leaders of India

જૂનાગઢના માંગનાથ રોડ પર ચાલતી સરસ્વતી સ્કૂલ દ્વારા ૬૯મા સ્વાતંત્ર્ય દિવસની ઉજવણીના ભાગરૂપે મહાન પુરુષોની વેશભૂષા સ્પર્ધાનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું તે પ્રસંગની તસ્વીર...

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