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Informative Seminar On Skin Diseases - Divya Bhaskar Press Note

Dr. Piyush Borkhatariya Sir visited Saraswati School and delivered an informative seminar on Skin & Hair Care and Skin Diseases as a part of "Doctor & Healthcare Seminar Series". 
He explained students - what to eat and what to not eat for better skin and also gave informative brochures to the students.

Salad & Fruit Decoration Competition - Divya Bhaskar Press Note

Saraswati School students participated in Salad & Fruit decoration competition in which they made marvellous decorations with only Salad and Fruit which they cut and decorated in the school campus only..

Innovative Homework - Divya Bhaskar Press Note

One type of Innovative Homework to be done by Saraswati School Students..

Sant/Vadil Vadana Program For One Month - Divya Bhaskar Pressnote

Saraswati school arranged a program of Sant/Vadil Vadana at 11,552 places where 2000 student decided to always take care and respect their parents, elders and Sants.

Indian States Attire Competition

સરસ્વતી સ્કૂલમાં વિવિધ રાજ્યોની વેશ પરિધાન સ્પર્ધા યોજાઈ..

Celebration of Leap Year

Saraswati School going to celebrate Leap Year..

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